Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some pretty damn good sailors comin’ from little Rhody

Let’s hear it for Fleet 413! 

Andy Pimental is the current leader of the largest fleet (the Master’s fleet) with a 1, 3 in today’s races. Peter Vasella (ex RI pat) is in third with a 2, 3, with Scott following in fourth with a 2, 4 and Mark Bear nipping at their heals in 6th with a 4, 4.  Peter Shope is not far behind with a 5, 9 placing him in 13th. The Master’s fleet has been divided into two fleets due to the number of entries so these overall results are the combination of two circles and their finishes.

Conditions were brisk following the tropical storm passing. There was a late sea breeze fill around 3 pm. The sailors had sailed out at 11:30 am and waited around but when the breeze came in, it came in solid although pretty tricky with velocity changes across the course but generally, good planing and surfing conditions. As you can see from the first photo, when it died, it died big time on the way in.

Just to give you an idea of the level of competition in the Master’s fleet…the winner of the 2008 Laser Master Worlds in Australia was Jan Scholten (AUS) who won with a 1, 2, 7,1,8,2,1,3,1 but currently stands in 21st here in Nova Scotia with a 19, 6. The winner of the 2007 Master’s in Roses, Spain was Arnoud Hummel (NED) who now stands in 2nd with a 4,1….just “Google” him. Not to mention Andy Roy now in 5th, Terry Neilsen in 10th and John Bertrand in 20th - "Google" those guys as well...Olympians, World Champions and the list goes on.

Yup, tough group up here but Fleet 413 is hangin tough!  Actually, more than tough, we're leaving a mark!

Photos:  Fleet coming home at 7pm in no wind, that's not Rascal but Rob and Jenny's "bigger" dog Bailey, organization at it's best, local color, our new home here, Jenny and Rob, Scott resting after the 45 degree uphill!

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