Friday, August 28, 2009

St. Margaret's Bay - Gorgeous!

We are finally here and what's not to like! It is absolutely gorgeous here! The drive wasn't really all that bad - about 13 hours or so. Once we left the great state of Massachusetts and it's fabulous drivers (oye!), the traffic and pace became less hectic and once into Canada, even more relaxing and scenic. 

About 20 minutes from our final destination a rowdy young Canadian came flying up along side our truck, honking and giving us the peace sign, then the thumbs up. When we came to a stop he leaned out of his window with his big mop of hair and said, 'Are you all here for the Laser regatta?' Scott replied, 'Yes.' He came back with, 'That's AWESOME!' and another thumbs up. 

The St. Margaret's Bay YC is very cool and they seem to be a doing a great job of managing all of the boats and the competitors. The Masters World Championship has 295 competitors registered from 26 countries. The Standard Worlds have just wrapped up and if you look at the scores, the top US finisher was 33rd. It’s amazing to travel to the bigger world events, as you quickly see, there are a lot of great Laser sailors out there! Scott has checked out the Masters competition in his class and well, it's no different! There are some incredible sailors here including the 1st and 2nd place finishers from the 1982 Laser Worlds, Terry Neilson and Andy Roy. 

Scott has already been out on the water and the conditions were similar to Buzzards Bay as far as breeze but with a much steeper chop. Tonight we will see the other Fleet 413 gang at the Team USA party. So far Fleet 413 is well represented with Mark Bear, Peter Seidenberg, John Bentley, Rob Breslin, Andy Pimental, Peter Shope and “ex pat,” Peter Vessella. I will get a photo of the gang for you all!

Photos above: Flags flying at the YC, Scott rigging up and going for a sail, Rascal wanting to know how much longer 'til we get there and, our new accommodations right on the water!

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  1. That guy in the 5th shot down needs a good shave. He looks like he is having a good time though.