Saturday, August 29, 2009

Team USA

Ok, from the photo, it's hard to see who's who but you get the idea that the USA is well represented! Both young and old and all completely experienced... don't let the photo fool you!

The chatter at the team party was about the last minute entry into the "master" division- John Bertrand. Everyone was feverishly talking about the ongoing battle between John Bertand (USA) and Terry Neilsen (CAN) dating back to the 1984 Olympics in the Finn Class. In '84 Russel Coutts (NZL) took home the gold while Terry and John duked it out for silver. John Bertrand eventually swiped the silver leaving Terry with the Bronze. 

Do you  think the two will be battling it out on the (Master full rig) course?

To see the entry list click below:

Stay tuned... everyone here is waiting to see what tropical storm "Danny" will bring. Hopefully big breeze so I don't feel too bad about not sailing-ha!

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  1. wish I was there
    sounds like it will be fun