Thursday, August 27, 2009

Almost there!

Ok...we are on the way and what a beautiful ride. Scott spent most of the time on his phone and answering emails but once we hit the Canadian border, everything changed. We stopped at the tourism hut and got a bunch of maps (we didn't buy the Canadian deal for our GPS) and that was all it took...Scott began to slow down, he loved looking at the colorful brochures while I nipped at him to look up and help me out on where the heck we were going ... suddenly, our time in the car became a decompression zone, a time to reflect and a time to laugh. His/our humor began to show itself and the best was just around the corner! We were really tired and looking for a "pet friendly" place to stay (I am just too honest, not good at concealing the secret that yes, we are traveling with a pet.) Well, it turned out that the only opening was HO JOES! We both started to laugh, reflecting on our childhood memories of family road trips and Ho Joes (won’t get into that-ha). I got him laughing. Well, Ho Jo’s couldn't give us their fabulous suite due to "the pet" BUT, they had their "A" frame available! We took it. We loved it. It was great! Towels weren’t too scratchy!

Next stop...Margaret's Bay!

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