Saturday, August 22, 2009

Laser Master World's #3 for the Ferguson's

Scott and I will be heading out soon to drive up to Nova Scotia for the 2009 Laser Master Worlds. We both competed in the 2005 Laser Master Worlds in Fortaleza, Brazil as well as the 2007 Master World's in Roses, Spain. After sailing the last two very windy venues at 5'3" and 125lbs, along with not wanting to put the practice time in, I have decided to sit this one out, bring the dog and be support crew for Scott. 

Since I am not sailing and know that I will struggle a bit with not being on the water racing, I thought that it would be fun to share the whole experience with a daily "blog" for friends and fellow Laser sailors. My sole comfort in not sailing is that the daily wind readings have been in the upper teens. If the regatta goes light...I will be tragically disappointed.

In preparation for the big event, Scott has been practicing hard when he can find the time in his very busy work schedule. I am constantly impressed with his intensity and drive. I always tell him that he has an extra gear that most humans don't. He is up daily at 5 am working and often late into the night with his various design projects. When he finds just a small pocket of time, he will often pack up his Laser and wheel it down the road, rig up and practice for a half hour only to have to take it all apart and haul it all back uphill to the house. I have done it alongside him many times (I am his light air training partner) and always dread the uphill home. When I asked him why he doesn't just leave it all at the yacht club near the ramp, his comment is, 'It's all part of the workout babe.' 

Between the hiking bench which I like to call, 'the little box of torture', the rigorous road biking, the time spent on the water, the sit-ups and push-ups and a careful diet, Scott has gotten himself down to a lean 185 lbs at 6'2" and is the strongest I have ever seen him. It will be interesting to see how he does.

Stay tuned for updates!

Photo above: Scott checking out his sweet blades tuned up by Andy Pimental of Jibe Tech


  1. Good luck to Scott and all the Fleet 413 sailors. I would be there myself but my son decided to get married next week and I had to withdraw. Look forward to reading all about it here instead!

  2. Hi Kim,
    Do you remember me ? I was behind you most of the time in Rosas, the last french women master sailor in the fleet? !I am happy to find your blog (thanks to Tillerman) and I am interested to follow the world from France; I gave up my training this year as well, .. light air are not always guarantee, that's our problem, I remember Rosas :-(
    bye for