Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today is the “rest day” and the sea breeze is filling in nicely…go figure!

Today is a “rest day” for the competitors and isn’t it ironic that today could prove to be the best conditions yet. It’s 11:30 am and check out the photo from our porch…here comes the sea breeze.

Fleet 413 is still dominating. Peter Seidenberg has been flawless in the GGM fleet. He was able to throw out his “senior moment” which leaves his scoreboard with straight bullets! Scott is currently leading in the Standard Master’s fleet with Mark Bear (4th), Andy Pimental (6th), Marc Jacobi (7th), Peter Vassella (9th), and Peter Shope (16th) - all have qualified for the Gold Fleet.  In the Apprentice Master’s fleet Rob Breslin had a good day yesterday and currently stands in 13th and in the GM Standard fleet John Bentley is holding his own in a very competitive fleet at 17th overall.

The regatta so far has been really tough with the shifty conditions, requiring a bit of “brain gym”, along with a lot of in and out hiking conditions. The end of the week is looking to get windy so maybe more of a heads down and grind it out deal is ahead.

Photos: The perfect sea breeze starting to fill in, Rascal placing his good luck paw prints, Rascal’s new friends from the Cayman Islands, chatting with Marc Jacobi, rest day for the pooped Sherpa dog, no rest day for Scott.

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