Saturday, September 5, 2009

The play of the day…..

Yesterday’s racing was looking to be more of the same as the previous day but, was it going to pay to go right like Thursday or was it going to pay to go left as it has been for most the week? Is it an oscillating breeze, a persistent breeze or is it geographic…heads were spinning on the way out. Mark Bear, Scott and Peter Hurley decided to check it out, split and sail upwind. The three sailed together for about a minute to get tuned up, then Scott took the left, Peter took the middle and Mark took the right. The three set their watches and sailed for 5 minutes upwind and all at once tacked. Holy crap! Scott came out of the left and crossed Mark's bow by 15-20 boat lengths!!! The group began to scratch their heads as the plan going out today, for Scott at least, was to start at the RC boat and bang a hard right…. now, that plan was all messed up! Scott went on to watch Peter Hurley start in the Apprentice fleet...the committee boat was favored and the lemmings were all there while Peter opted for the pin. He banged the left and was eventually 1st to the weather mark.  Scott didn’t see Peter make the weather mark before his start but saw enough to know that he too was in…Scott was going left. He started at his typical spot, a mid-line start with a solid line site. He was just to leeward of Arnoud Hummel (NED), "the flying dutchman," but was poked out just enough and able to force Arnoud to tack away. Marc Jacobi, Mark Bear, Tim Landt and Arnoud Hummel all went left while most of the fleet went right. At the leeward mark, Hummel was right behind Scott and decided to tack away…a clearing tack gone too long as when Arnoud came back from the right he had fallen way back eventually finishing 12th while Scott took 1st, Marc Jacobi 2nd, and Mark Bear  3rd.  

Fleet 413 sailors Mark Bear and Andy Pimental are currently tied for third overall going into the last day of  racing!

In the GGM fleet, it is going to be a nail-biter of a day coming up as Peter Seidenberg (7 time World Champion) is currently tied for first overall with Australia’s Kerry Waraker.

Today looks to be a light northerly….possible late sea breeze but….not looking too good as no races can start after 4:00pm.

Photos: Rob Breslin, Peter Seidenberg, Andy Pimental, Scott Ferguson, Mark Bear and John Bentley

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