Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sea breeze is in!

It's another gorgeous day here on St. Margaret's Bay. Finally, the weather seems to be doing what the locals consider, "normal." It is 12:15 and the sea breeze is fully in-woo hoo! 

The Standard Masters fleet should be quite a show today as the top half has been placed into the "Gold" fleet and the bottom half, the "Silver" fleet. I am proud to say that all of the Fleet 413 SM guys are solidly in the "Gold" fleet! 

This morning, when Scott was off getting changed, Rascal and I were standing near his boat when a couple of GBR guys came by to check out Scott's boat to see how he has it set up. One of the guys was Steve Cockerill of Rooster Sails (amazing Laser sailor, I might add!) Well, we got chatting and Steve and his friend were blown away when I rattled off the names of the Fleet 413 guys in the Gold fleet.  As Mark Bear said today, ''re only as good as the people you regularly sail against.' So, for those of you who didn't know why Scott and Mark took off during the middle of the Coastal Living Sail Newport was to sail out to R2 in search of big waves and wind. It was all part of the preparation and it seems to be paying off! I know that Scott was picking Mark's brain about sailing downwind (Mark is fast downwind) and Mark was getting tips from Scott regarding upwind. So far, at this regatta, Scott feels much faster downwind and Mark is feeling really good about his upwind performance.  Today will be interesting to see how they all do, racing against the best.

Photos: Evening in Nova Scotia, Morning ritual with Rascal going for the ride, John Bentley on the day off, Arnoud Hummel of the Netherlands (winner in 2007 Standard Masters), Morning on the YC lawn

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