Sunday, September 6, 2009

Newport’s Laser Fleet 413 takes home 4 of the coveted cubes!

Peter Seidenberg took home his 8th World Title yesterday while Scott Ferguson, Andy Pimental and Mark Bear also walked away with a prestigious cube. Each of these guys has worked really hard and each has earned a cube or two from the past.

This event was Scott’s third Master Worlds. In ’05 (Forteleza, Brazil) Scott was 3rd in the Apprentice Master fleet right behind Brett Beyers of Australia. In ’07 (Roses, Spain) Scott was 4th in the Master Standard division. The winner that year was, “The Flying Dutchman,” Arnoud Hummel…. so you might say that this event was, ‘the revenge of Roses.’ Also in this years top 5 was the ’08 Standard Master World Champion, Jan Scholten.

The top 5 in the Standard Masters: Scott Ferguson (1), Arnoud Hummel (2) , Andy Pimental (3), Mark Bear (4) Jan Scholten (5).

We are heading back to RI in a few minutes. I am sad to go and sad to leave our sweet “Seahorse Cottage” but also happy to be done with the event. We were both hoping to take a stop and visit Prince Edward Island as that is where half of Scott’s family (the Benoit’s) is from but…Scott has to get right home because of work… work always gets in the way!

Stay tune for one last story coming…”The Three Amigos”

Photos: The top 5 Standard Masters from left to right (Jan Sholten, Arnoud Hummel, Canadian Mountie, Andy Pimental, Scott Ferguson, Mark Bear) The Cube, Peter Seidenberg with Andy Roy, Packing up, Regatta over, The final stretch with Rascal, Seahorse Cottage view, Seahorse Cottage, One pooped Sherpa dog!

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